Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Promotional Products - Hot Ideas to Advertise Your Marketing Event

Summer is arriving! A time when everything comes to life and turns green.. including opportunities for your promotional marketing campaigns to flourish.

Summer is full of great events, vacation travel, and general human activity that make it a perfect time to get your logo noticed. County fairs, walk-a-thons, company picnics, golf tournaments, festivals, beaches and auto racing are among a host of other popular places & events that attract huge crowds of visitors. Don't miss out on getting your imprinted promotional message, marketing slogan or corporate logo viewed on a variety of products.

When the school year ends the fun begins, and many promotional merchandise items become the focus of outdoor activity among the younger crowd, such as Frisbees, beach gear, and insulated beverage holders. One of the most recent popular promotional items among teens is fidget spinners, which is a fun stress toy that has become an overnight craze. Classic sunglasses are one of the most recent popular items, and come in a large selection of colors - some can even be mixed & matched to compliment your logo.

Staying cool and hydrated is important so consider a sport water bottle or hand fans to keep attendees comfortable, and a good quality first aid kit can be a handy and appreciated gift for any client.

Skin health is a big concern at Summer events, so consider imprinting your logo on useful handouts such as SPF sunscreen and lip balm, or golf umbrellas to protect from the UV rays.

Crowded beaches are a great place to get eyes on your logo! Beach towels and cooler bags have large imprint areas, and many offer full color printing that can include your marketing graphics or photos.

Branding opportunities are plentiful during the Summer months, so take advantage of the warm weather activity of potential customers!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Promotional Calendars - The most cost effective advertising gift

Okay so promotional calendars have been around for over 130 years, but do they still offer the same impact in today's world? The straight answer is YES - by printing your logo on a useful item such as a calendar, you get repeated viewing of your company brand, logo and slogan.

Promotional Calendars Imprinted With Your Logo

What types and topics of calendars are most commonly used as promotional gifts?
This depends on your business industry and the focus for your clientele:

Scenic calendars are always popular as picturesque nature photos are appreciated by most recipients. Natural scenes of America, Canada and National Parks are among the favorites.

Illustrated art calendars from Norman Rockwell, The Saturday Evening Post and others have been a best selling calendar style for decades.

Hot Rod and Antique Car calendars are a favorite among the automotive industry, car clubs and enthusiasts.

Church and religious calendars have been great sellers as fundraising items, and gifts for congregation members.

Motivational calendars can help with work force team building by promoting encouraging quotes.

Swimsuit & bikini calendars and naughty adult calendars are very popular among many industries such as construction, trucking and logistics companies, tool distributors and automotive services.

Desk calendars have been a staple of business advertising for a very long time, and keep your logo visible directly on a useful item. Daily page tear off calendars are great for planning and scheduling of individual events or appointments, and can include your logo on each sheet.

Whatever your business industry, there is a promotional calendar that can help advertise your imprinted logo and company brand!