Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Best Promotional Trade Show Swag

Best Trade Show Promotional Swag Handouts

Trade Show Swag to Keep Your Logo Visible! 

Trade shows, conventions, conferences, and expos are great events to display your imprinted logo on promotional swag handouts & giveaways. Your trade show booth visitors will appreciate the useful custom printed items that you offer to them for stopping to talk, so make it something special!

The imprinted booth attendee gifts that you choose to promote your logo, mascot or motto will depend on your company or organization's industry plus the products or services that you offer ... or the theme of the trade show itself. For example, if you are in the health care industry, a custom printed pedometer, sport bottle or pill box may be a good fit.

You may want to do a custom postcard mailing to the registered attendees prior to the trade show, and offer a special branded promotional item if the visitor brings the card to your booth. This will help drive traffic to your booth and get more memorable attention from the recipients.

If your conference or convention is a political event, there are thousands of promotional swag ideas to consider such as screen printed T-shirts, hand fans, bumper stickers, and rally signs. Keeping the candidate or campaign slogan and message visible on mini billboard items will help keep the cause promoted.

Keeping your budget in mind and by forecasting the total possible number of attendees at your trade show event will also help to make your promotion a success. Promos that are not perishable or easily broken are best at these events due to the methods of transportation typically needed to get them to your booth. The location and venue of your conference or convention should also be a deciding factor, as the logistics of getting the advertising products to the event may determine. Many convention and conference centers will have fees for internal delivery of merchandise to your booth, and this may help dictate the type of branded handouts that work best for your promotional message.

Some Popular Trade Show Giveaways:
Remember that trade shows can be stressful for attendees considering travel, traffic and business responsibilities, so it is often a good idea to keep your printed handouts and giveaways fun and useful. Many attendee gifts can also help with making the event a healthier and more comfortable place by offering hand sanitizers, lotion, bottled water or first aid kits

Make your event successful by marketing your brand on imprinted promotional gifts and giveaways at your next event!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Promotional Product Printing Methods - What are the differences?

There are many printing and decoration methods used to brand your logo or advertising design on promotional items. Depending on the product type and material involved, along with the artwork design to be printed, there can be several options used for the imprint method.

Here is a guide to assist you:

Screen Printing

Screen printing involves the production of a silk screen which has your design integrated as an opening in the screen. Ink is then applied as it is pressed or squeegeed through the screen and onto the product. Typically used on apparel such as T-shirts, towels, and caps & hats this print method is very efficient and has been in use for decades.

Pad Printing

The use of a silicone pad transfers your logo or design onto the product from a cliché which holds the ink needed for the imprint. Pad printing is used on 3 dimensional items that may have a shaped or textured surface. Some examples of pad printed promotional items are pens, golf balls, key tags and many others.

Hot Stamping

A metal die is created with your advertising design or text, which is used to apply pressure to a thin foil material. The die is heated to high temperature and the foil is passed between the die and the product. By applying pressure to the die, the image is transferred onto the product. The hot stamp method is known as a dry printing process, and has been perfected over time. Hot stamping is considered one of the most eco-friendly print methods used on promotional items. Used on vinyl, plastic and paper, some items include calendars, pre-printed brochures, and combs.

Dye Sublimation / Transfer

Dye sublimation requires that the product include a certain percentage of polyester within the material, or be covered in a polyester coating. During the printing process, special films are use to digitally print the design which is transferred onto paper. This is then applied with heat to the product, and during this time the inks are converted to vapor and then infused onto the product.
Dye sub can include high quality full color printing, and is typically used on apparel, bags, and coffee mugs.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraved items are etched with your logo or design via a high intensity laser beam. The design is digitally programmed into the laser resulting in a very accurate reproduction of even very fine detail. Some items that include an outer color such as the barrel of metal pens will have this outer color removed by the laser, leaving the exposed metal visible. 

Offset Printing

Of all available printing processes, offset has been in use longer than any other. This method employs the use of metal plates, each including the image of a required ink color to be mounted onto a cylinder of a printing press. The press plates are coated with water by rollers during the process , and then with ink in the same manner. Due to the fact that oil and water will separate and not mix, the only portions of the plates that carry the ink are the image design areas. This inked image is then reversed onto a rubber coated cylinder called a blanket, and then in turn applied to the paper stock as it fed through the press.
Offset printing can be used in single spot color, multiple spot color or full color process. Uses include calendars, contractor - commercial calendars, booklets, brochures, etc.

Digital Printing

Digital printing has become one the most widely used printing methods for promotional products, due to the elimination of the plating process required by offset printing. Digital full color printing, also referred to 4CP or full color digital process, can provide high resolution imagery on many types of substrate materials. Some examples include vinyl and nylon banners, corrugated plastic yard signs, notepads, and flexible refrigerator magnets.


Embroidery involves the use of complex machinery to stitch a digitized design onto fabric. The computer file directs each needle of the equipment to the precise location needed for the color of thread that it is delivering, and at very high speeds. Advances in embroidery styles and technology have grown recently to include 3 dimensional images and other effects. Caps, tote bags, backpacks, and apparel are just a few common examples of branding performed through embroidery.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Promotional Products - Hot Ideas to Advertise Your Marketing Event

Summer is arriving! A time when everything comes to life and turns green.. including opportunities for your promotional marketing campaigns to flourish.

Summer is full of great events, vacation travel, and general human activity that make it a perfect time to get your logo noticed. County fairs, walk-a-thons, company picnics, golf tournaments, festivals, beaches and auto racing are among a host of other popular places & events that attract huge crowds of visitors. Don't miss out on getting your imprinted promotional message, marketing slogan or corporate logo viewed on a variety of products.

When the school year ends the fun begins, and many promotional merchandise items become the focus of outdoor activity among the younger crowd, such as Frisbees, beach gear, and insulated beverage holders. One of the most recent popular promotional items among teens is fidget spinners, which is a fun stress toy that has become an overnight craze. Classic sunglasses are one of the most recent popular items, and come in a large selection of colors - some can even be mixed & matched to compliment your logo.

Staying cool and hydrated is important so consider a sport water bottle or hand fans to keep attendees comfortable, and a good quality first aid kit can be a handy and appreciated gift for any client.

Skin health is a big concern at Summer events, so consider imprinting your logo on useful handouts such as SPF sunscreen and lip balm, or golf umbrellas to protect from the UV rays.

Crowded beaches are a great place to get eyes on your logo! Beach towels and cooler bags have large imprint areas, and many offer full color printing that can include your marketing graphics or photos.

Branding opportunities are plentiful during the Summer months, so take advantage of the warm weather activity of potential customers!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Promotional Calendars - The most cost effective advertising gift

Okay so promotional calendars have been around for over 130 years, but do they still offer the same impact in today's world? The straight answer is YES - by printing your logo on a useful item such as a calendar, you get repeated viewing of your company brand, logo and slogan.

Promotional Calendars Imprinted With Your Logo

What types and topics of calendars are most commonly used as promotional gifts?
This depends on your business industry and the focus for your clientele:

Scenic calendars are always popular as picturesque nature photos are appreciated by most recipients. Natural scenes of America, Canada and National Parks are among the favorites.

Illustrated art calendars from Norman Rockwell, The Saturday Evening Post and others have been a best selling calendar style for decades.

Hot Rod and Antique Car calendars are a favorite among the automotive industry, car clubs and enthusiasts.

Church and religious calendars have been great sellers as fundraising items, and gifts for congregation members.

Motivational calendars can help with work force team building by promoting encouraging quotes.

Swimsuit & bikini calendars and naughty adult calendars are very popular among many industries such as construction, trucking and logistics companies, tool distributors and automotive services.

Desk calendars have been a staple of business advertising for a very long time, and keep your logo visible directly on a useful item. Daily page tear off calendars are great for planning and scheduling of individual events or appointments, and can include your logo on each sheet.

Whatever your business industry, there is a promotional calendar that can help advertise your imprinted logo and company brand!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Promotional Handouts for a Winning Political Campaign

Running an election campaign for a political office or government position? When you start shaking hands you need to give voters something to remember your name!

So what are some of the most successful promotional campaign handout items? This depends on the focus of your message, the slogan for your candidacy and the political office that you are seeking. Many politicians give out useful household products, or personal items that will be kept for long periods of time. This can help with re-election efforts and to keep your name and marketing statement visible over the long haul.

Standard items such as yard signs and bumper stickers have been very effective for promoting a successful win, however the small appreciated items can be just as helpful. Select a few different items that will be beneficial for different age groups, for men and women, and don't forget the older voters that may help propel you to victory.

Local festivals, county fairs, rallies and parades are great events to get the word out, so make sure that you have an adequate supply of goodies and gifts for all attendees. If you want to instill some excitement into your campaign message, don't fall short by leaving some voters annoyed at not being included in your giveaway. Golf tournaments and sporting events can draw large crowds that can make your visibility easy. Consider promotional items that will advertise your campaign slogan for you with walking advertising such as printed umbrellas, T-shirts or baseball caps.

Depending on your geographical location, there are items that may work for certain conditions such as hand fans or ice cream scoops in Southern warmer climates, or automotive ice scrapers in Northern districts.
 Summertime promotions can include koozies to keep beverages cool, or fun items such as Frisbees or other toys.  All are useful and appreciated gifts by voters and constituents, and will not quickly be discarded.

If you plan to canvass and visit voting constituents in their own neighborhoods, printed door hangers are good literature to leave behind. A great new product is a rubber door hanger that also doubles as a jar lid opener. Several door hangers can include a full color refrigerator magnet or business card, and it is always helpful to include your photo in political advertising.

There are literally several thousands of categories of effective promotional handout gifts that can help your candidate win a successful victory. Plan for events well in advance to make sure that your giveaways can arrive in time for each event, and select items to keep your voters needs in mind and make the connection between your stance on the issues, and the statement that you want to make.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Promotional Golf Products Can Keep Your Logo Visible

Corporate sponsorship of golf tournaments and golf scramble events is at an all time high. The marketing exposure for your corporate brand is always beneficial at golfing events, especially if the outing is for charity or for another fundraising cause. Gifts for tournament players remain the top custom imprinted promotional handouts for these events.


Golf Ball Tube Kits

 Many custom printed golf kits include essential player items such as golf balls, golf tees, divot fixer tools, and ball markers. Most can have an imprint on each component of the kit, or on the packaging.

Golf Ball Dozens

Whatever your favorite brand, custom imprinted golf balls are an all time favorite among players. From Pinnacle to Callaway, high quality golf products can make the difference when showing appreciation and your logo to your clients.

Golf Tee Packs

Custom printed golf tees are available in a variety of lengths, materials and colors, and can be included in a outing gift set or golfer's first aid kit. Many players now prefer to use eco-friendly golf tees to assist with staying environmentally conscious.

Golf Bottle and Cooler Gift Packs

Staying cool and hydrated on the fairway is always important, and many golf gift sets help keep players comfortable. A popular gift item is a kit that includes a sports water bottle, golf towel, and some include a golf cooler bag or a can or bottle insulator koozie.

Golf Umbrellas

A golf umbrella can be the ultimate advertising golf gift - - with a large imprint area, and high visibility keeping your logo above the crowd! By keeping tournament players cool and dry, an umbrella will be appreciated for years. Many styles and sizes are available, and in any combination of colors to compliment your logo or advertising message. Vented windproof umbrellas and those with fiberglass handles are favorites.

Golf Calendars

A promotional calendar is a great way to get your logo viewed multiple times every day, and golf calendars are a big hit as advertising gifts. Scenic golf calendars include photos of the nature and beauty of golf courses, and some include tips to improve your game.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Best Selling Healthy Promotional Products

Of the top consumer industries of promotional products, health care services are highly ranked in total sales. Custom handouts for health fairs, wellness events, clinics, health insurance, and service providers are appreciated by patients and clients, and help to keep corporate branding visible.

Healthy Eating

 Some of the best selling logo imprinted products within healthcare have a focus on nutritional health due to obesity, allergies, and other concerns. Several promotional cookbooks offer meal planning for diabetes and gluten-free cooking as well as heart healthy cooking choices, with some titles available in Spanish.

Health Fairs

Sponsoring a wellness fair can be a great marketing opportunity for businesses within the healthcare sector. Companies can advertise products and services, and show appreciation to attendees with several favorite custom printed promotional items, such as healthy educational brochurespill boxes, and gifts for kids such as healthy coloring books.

Awareness Items

Handouts for awareness events can be effective fundraising opportunities with a focus on the cause. Popular promotional handouts and giveaway items can include basic necessities such as lip balm, sunscreen or hand sanitizer items, or high perceived value items like first aid kits and pedometers.

Healthy Kids

Promotional items for kids can include healthy coloring books, nutrition and activity books, frisbees, jump ropes, and other fitness toys.

Seniors Health

Seniors health gifts can be beneficial promotional items for pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies, long term nursing and assisted living organizations, clinics and  medical service providers. Favorite promotional items can include health information literature, vision health items such as magnifiers and eyeglass lens cleaner kits, and common necessities like personal care items, and other seniors health items.

Dental Health

Dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons often use imprinted promotional items for their clients, to show appreciation for their loyalty. Several categories of products apply to dental health promotion including toothbrushes, dental floss, and complete dental travel kits.

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