Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Best Promotional Trade Show Swag

Best Trade Show Promotional Swag Handouts

Trade Show Swag to Keep Your Logo Visible! 

Trade shows, conventions, conferences, and expos are great events to display your imprinted logo on promotional swag handouts & giveaways. Your trade show booth visitors will appreciate the useful custom printed items that you offer to them for stopping to talk, so make it something special!

The imprinted booth attendee gifts that you choose to promote your logo, mascot or motto will depend on your company or organization's industry plus the products or services that you offer ... or the theme of the trade show itself. For example, if you are in the health care industry, a custom printed pedometer, sport bottle or pill box may be a good fit.

You may want to do a custom postcard mailing to the registered attendees prior to the trade show, and offer a special branded promotional item if the visitor brings the card to your booth. This will help drive traffic to your booth and get more memorable attention from the recipients.

If your conference or convention is a political event, there are thousands of promotional swag ideas to consider such as screen printed T-shirts, hand fans, bumper stickers, and rally signs. Keeping the candidate or campaign slogan and message visible on mini billboard items will help keep the cause promoted.

Keeping your budget in mind and by forecasting the total possible number of attendees at your trade show event will also help to make your promotion a success. Promos that are not perishable or easily broken are best at these events due to the methods of transportation typically needed to get them to your booth. The location and venue of your conference or convention should also be a deciding factor, as the logistics of getting the advertising products to the event may determine. Many convention and conference centers will have fees for internal delivery of merchandise to your booth, and this may help dictate the type of branded handouts that work best for your promotional message.

Some Popular Trade Show Giveaways:
Remember that trade shows can be stressful for attendees considering travel, traffic and business responsibilities, so it is often a good idea to keep your printed handouts and giveaways fun and useful. Many attendee gifts can also help with making the event a healthier and more comfortable place by offering hand sanitizers, lotion, bottled water or first aid kits

Make your event successful by marketing your brand on imprinted promotional gifts and giveaways at your next event!