Friday, April 14, 2017

Promotional Handouts for a Winning Political Campaign

Running an election campaign for a political office or government position? When you start shaking hands you need to give voters something to remember your name!

So what are some of the most successful promotional campaign handout items? This depends on the focus of your message, the slogan for your candidacy and the political office that you are seeking. Many politicians give out useful household products, or personal items that will be kept for long periods of time. This can help with re-election efforts and to keep your name and marketing statement visible over the long haul.

Standard items such as yard signs and bumper stickers have been very effective for promoting a successful win, however the small appreciated items can be just as helpful. Select a few different items that will be beneficial for different age groups, for men and women, and don't forget the older voters that may help propel you to victory.

Local festivals, county fairs, rallies and parades are great events to get the word out, so make sure that you have an adequate supply of goodies and gifts for all attendees. If you want to instill some excitement into your campaign message, don't fall short by leaving some voters annoyed at not being included in your giveaway. Golf tournaments and sporting events can draw large crowds that can make your visibility easy. Consider promotional items that will advertise your campaign slogan for you with walking advertising such as printed umbrellas, T-shirts or baseball caps.

Depending on your geographical location, there are items that may work for certain conditions such as hand fans or ice cream scoops in Southern warmer climates, or automotive ice scrapers in Northern districts.
 Summertime promotions can include koozies to keep beverages cool, or fun items such as Frisbees or other toys.  All are useful and appreciated gifts by voters and constituents, and will not quickly be discarded.

If you plan to canvass and visit voting constituents in their own neighborhoods, printed door hangers are good literature to leave behind. A great new product is a rubber door hanger that also doubles as a jar lid opener. Several door hangers can include a full color refrigerator magnet or business card, and it is always helpful to include your photo in political advertising.

There are literally several thousands of categories of effective promotional handout gifts that can help your candidate win a successful victory. Plan for events well in advance to make sure that your giveaways can arrive in time for each event, and select items to keep your voters needs in mind and make the connection between your stance on the issues, and the statement that you want to make.

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